Saturday, April 7, 2012

Future Research

"Topic 1:The benefits of BIM versus CAD workflows for a multi-unit development
BIM would have a significant impact if any.  Aside from hard costs, it could be theorized that at least soft costs could be reduced by using BIM on a multi-unit development by reducing the time needed to complete construction documents and make corrections/changes.  Overall, this research would require testing BIM and non-BIM workflow strategies for single housing developments and multiple housing developments over entire project timelines.
Topic 2: Combining or Linking information between BIM and GIS
There has been increasing interest in how GIS and BIM databases might link and share data between platforms.  Considering the current challenges in trying to achieve a usable exchange format even among proprietary BIM companies (IFC or otherwise), it seems unlikely that an even broader exchange format might be developed between these same BIM platforms and various GIS platforms.  Nonetheless, the potential benefits of merging information databases could have enormous long-term benefits for city planners and developers.
Topic 3: Exploring the benefits of using BIM for digital fabrication
It would be interesting to determine how communication between stakeholders might be affected if scale models of various design options were 3D printed as opposed to hand-constructed.  Also, it would be interesting to research the cost savings by using BIM models for digital component construction to reduce waste and construction time.
Topic 4: Developing and testing sustainable parametric ‘plug-ins’ for BIM software tools
The intent is that design and analysis become a seamlessly integrated process, where design decisions have quantifiable results through continuous analysis, which in turn helps to inform further design optimizations. 
Topic 5: Comparing current BIM software tools in terms of appropriateness for affordable and sustainable housing 
An interesting continuation of this research might involve testing various BIM tools (i.e. Vectorworks, Revit, Microstation, and ArchiCAD) for a given affordable/sustainable housing development project and comparing how each performs in specific categories.
Topic 6: Examining the economical aspects of using a BIM process to facilitate communication between stakeholders 
It would be beneficial to test this framework in a given city and document the observed barriers and opportunities.
Topic 7: Analyzing social relationships between stakeholder groups and the communication interfaces linked to BIM models
ne step towards this ideal common language, (as I explained in Chapter 5) is currently being explored by Autodesk in the form of a web-based social interface for project teams that would allow for quick and easy collaboration and document sharing." to find out more...
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